Best Royal Caribbean Ship For Couples 2024

Cruising with Royal Caribbean can be a great experience for couples looking for a romantic getaway.

With its state-of-the-art ships, exquisite dining options, and exciting onboard activities, Royal Caribbean offers a great vacation experience for couples of all ages, but with so many ships in the Royal Caribbean fleet to choose from, it can be difficult to know which are most suitable.

Best Royal Caribbean Ship for Couples - Couple on Promenade Deck over looking sea

Here we cover the best Royal Caribbean ships for couples, highlighting the most suitable ship class and highlighting some specific ships as well as providing reasons why they are recommended for different age ranges and couples’ interests.

Hopefully, this will help you home in on the best choice for you and you can then focus on finding the best itinerary and deal.

What Is The Best Royal Caribbean Ships For Couples?

The first thing to do when working out the best Royal Caribbean cruise for a couple is decide which class of ships most appeal. 

From there you start to focus on the ships depending what’s available and where.

Royal Caribbean has a variety of ship classes, each with unique features and amenities. 

However, some ship classes are better suited for couples than others. Here are the best ship classes for couples.

Oasis Class for Couples

Wonder of the Seas Aerial View of pools and activities
Wonder of the Sea is full of activities (Photo Credit Royal Caribbean)

The Oasis class is the largest ship class in the Royal Caribbean fleet, and it offers the most extensive range of onboard activities, dining options, and entertainment.

Oasis Class offers extensive onboard activities, dining options, and entertainment and are ideal for couples looking for a luxurious, romantic, and adventurous cruise.

The ships in Oasis class are:

  • Oasis of the Seas
  • Allure of the Seas
  • Harmony of the Seas
  • Symphony of the Seas
  • Wonder of the Seas

The Royal Caribbean Oasis class ships offer a variety of restaurants, bars, and lounges, including 150 Central Park, the only restaurant at sea with a James Beard Award-winning chef. 

For adventurous couples, the Oasis class ships have:

  • Rock Climbing Walls 
  • Flowrider surfing simulator
  • Ice Skating
  • Water Slides (excluding Allure)
  • Ultimate Abyss Dry Slide
  • Zip lines, rock climbing walls, and even a surfing simulator. 

Entertainment wise the ships also have broadway musicals and Oasis ships have the 

AquaTheater show which has the deeper pools at sea only seen in Oasis class.

young couple overlooking side of cruise ship at sea

Couples Oasis Class most suited for:

The Oasis-class ships also offer a range of adventurous activities and nightlife options that cater to younger couples.


If you are looking to the future, Royal Caribbean is launching a new class of ship, Icon Class which are similar to the Oasis class but on an even larger scale.

Quantum Class For Couples

Quantum of the Seas at sea
Quantum of the Seas (Photo Credit Royal Caribbean)

The Quantum class is a newer and more modern class of ship than the Oasis class and offers cutting-edge technology and futuristic amenities. 

The ships in Quantum class are:

  • Anthem of the Seas
  • Ovation of the Seas
  • Quantum of the Seas

There are also 2 ships is a subset of Quantum class, referred to as Quantum Ultra Class.

  • Odyssey of the Seas
  • Spectrum of the Seas

These are very similar in most respects, with the slight differences being:

  • Slightly larger
  • Skypad on the Sports Deck
  • Teppanyaki restaurant

Quantum Ultra ships have main dining rooms, whereas Quantum class have separate dining rooms.

All in all they are very similar and what is most likely to influence your choice is where they sail that most interests you.

Features on Quantum Class Ships

  • Bumper Cars
  • Flowrider – Surf Simulator
  • iFly Skydiving
  • Ice Skating
  • North Star Observation Pod
  • Rock Climbing
  • Roller Skating
  • SeaPlex – indoor sports arena called the

As a couple, activities like Ice and roller skating can be particularly ideal.    Or an experience together in the unforgettable North Star Pod that takes guests 300 feet above sea level for a panoramic view of the surroundings.

Couple on a cruise vacation

Couples Quantum Class most suited for:

Quantum Class are perfect for young to middle age couples looking for a contemporary and immersive cruise experience combined with cutting-edge technology

Radiance Class For Couples

Senior couples next to cruise ship
Radiance class is more suited to senior couples

The Radiance class is a mid-sized ship class that offers a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere. 

Radiance class ships are more suited to older, more mature and senior couples looking for a peaceful and refined cruise.

The ships are much more itinerary and destination-focused rather than activity-based like the Oasis and Quantum Class and sail to much more far-flung destinations, such as the Arctic Circle, Australia and many more.

Royal Caribbean ships in Radiance class are:

  • Brilliance of the Seas
  • Jewel of the Seas
  • Radiance of the Seas
  • Serenade of the Seas

Although smaller ships they still have  a few activity options including:

  • Basketball cour
  • Mini Golf Course
  • Rock climbing wall

These ships offer a variety of dining options, including Chef’s Table, a private dining experience hosted by the ship’s executive chef.

For entertainment, the Radiance class ships have the Centrum, a seven-story atrium that serves as the ship’s focal point and hosts live music and aerialists performances.

It’s also worth highlighting Radiance class offers the opportunity for a world cruise for couples of interested in discovering all four corners of the world.

Senior couple over 60 looking through binoculars from deck of cruise ship
See the world together on a Radiance class cruise ship

Couples Radiance Class most suited for:   

The Radiance class ships offer senior couples a more refined and relaxed atmosphere with elegant dining options and peaceful lounge areas.

The ships also offer more intimate spaces that appeal to older couples who may prefer a quieter and more refined cruise experience and a diverse range of itineraries to choose from. 

Examples of Royal Caribbean Ships for Couples 

Now that we have covered the best ship classes for couples here are some examples of some of  the best ships in each class.

Oasis of the Seas (Oasis Class)

Oasis of the Seas
Oasis of the Seas – Oasis Class (Photo Credit Royal Caribbean)

Oasis of the Seas is the first ship in the Oasis class and is perfect for couples looking for a luxurious and adventurous cruise. The ship features seven distinct neighborhoods, including Central Park, a serene outdoor space with more than 13,000 live plants and trees. 

Couples can also enjoy the ship’s onboard activities, such as the zip line, rock climbing wall, and surfing simulator. 

Relax and unwind together with a couples massage or perhaps books a Thermal suite pass

For a romantic dining experience, couples can try 150 Central Park, the ship’s fine dining restaurant, or enjoy a cocktail at the Rising Tide Bar, which slowly rises and falls between three decks.

Anthem of the Seas (Quantum Class)

Anthem of the Seas
Anthem of the Seas – Quantum Class RCL ship (Photo Credit royal Caribbean)

Anthem of the Seas is the second ship in the Quantum class and is perfect for young adult couples looking for a contemporary and immersive cruise. 

The ship features a skydiving simulator, bumper cars, and the largest indoor activity space at sea, SeaPlex. 

Couples can also enjoy the ship’s dining options, such as Wonderland, a restaurant that offers a culinary adventure through a whimsical, multi-course menu. 

For a romantic evening, couples can watch the sunset from North Star, a glass capsule that takes guests high above the ship.

Jewel of the Seas (Radiance Class)

Jewel of the Seas
Jewel of the Seas of the maller Radiance class (Photo Credit Royal Caribbean)

Jewel of the Seas is a mid-sized ship in the Radiance class and is perfect for senior couples looking for a peaceful and refined cruise. 

The ship features a Solarium, an adults-only pool and lounge area, and the Vitality Spa, which offers a variety of relaxing treatments. 

Couples can also enjoy the ship’s dining options, such as Chops Grille, a classic steakhouse, or the Chef’s Table, a private dining experience hosted by the ship’s executive chef.

 For a romantic evening, couples can enjoy a glass of wine at Vintages, the ship’s wine bar, or take a stroll along the ship’s wrap-around Promenade deck.

Reasons Royal Caribbean Cruises are Great for Couples


The solarium provides an adult-only area which acts as a peaceful retreat for couples looking to relax and unwind away from the hustle and bustle of the more active areas of the ship.  Especially on the Oasis and Quantum classes which have more families with kids.


All classes of ship have a spa that offers a range of couples treatments, including couple massages, facials, and body treatments. These treatments are designed to be enjoyed together, providing a romantic and rejuvenating experience for couples, young or older.

Onboard Activities

Royal Caribbean offers a variety of onboard activities that are perfect for couples. From dance lessons, cooking classes, and wine tastings, there are plenty of ways for couples to bond and create memories together.

Dining Options

Royal Caribbean offers a variety of dining options, including specialty restaurants that offer romantic settings and gourmet cuisine. Couples can also opt for a private dinner on their balcony or enjoy a picnic on the beach during a shore excursion.

Adventure and Excitement

For couples who enjoy adventure and excitement, Royal Caribbean Oasis and Quantum Classes especially offer plenty of options. From rock climbing and zip lining to surfingthere are plenty of adrenaline-pumping activities that couples can enjoy together.

Variety of Destinations

Royal Caribbean offers a wide variety of destinations to choose from, including popular destinations in the Caribbean, Europe, Alaska, and Asia. With so many options, couples can find the perfect destination that suits their preferences and interests.

Private Island – Perfect Day at CocoCay

Depending on your itinerary you may stop off at Royal Caribbean’s private island Coco Cay.

You can choose between finding one of a number of secluded beaches and quiet spots where couples can lounge in the sun, take romantic walks, swim in crystal-clear waters, and simply enjoy each other’s company.

Alternatively, for couples who prefer a more active experience, CocoCay offers a range of beach activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding, and snorkeling. Couples can explore the island’s coral reefs and marine life together.

Perfect Day at CocoCay is an ideal location for newlywed couples on their honeymoon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Royal Caribbean for Older Couples?

Radiance class is more suited to older adults than the larger more family orientated classes, Icon, Oasis and Quantum.

Royal Caribbean offer exclusive deals on some sails for older guests over 55.


Royal Caribbean offers a great vacation experience for couples of all ages, with a range of ship classes and ships that cater to different interests and preferences. 

Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, an adventurous cruise, or a peaceful retreat, a Royal Caribbean ship is perfect for you and your partner.

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