Can You Bring Hair Straighteners On a Cruise Ship? (Ultimate Guide)

Do you like straightening your hair while on vacation and are wondering if you can or can’t take your flat irons?  Or perhaps you are working out if your type is allowed, whether they will work or whether the cruise line provides them if you have forgotten them.

We have all the answers, but first, let’s get straight to the point.

Can You Take Hair Straightners on a Cruise Ship?

Can You Take Hair Straighteners on a Cruise?

Most heat-producing items are forbidden on many cruise lines to reduce the risk of fire hazards,  but hair straighteners, as in the flat iron type, are usually one of the few exceptions.

You can take your GHDs, Chi, Babyliss, or any other type of hair straightener on most major cruise lines without issue.

Check below which of the main cruise lines allow and the exceptions to the rule.

This includes both electric and cordless butane Hair Straighteners.

We have an in-depth look below and provide information and links for the main cruise lines if you want to double-check or look for additional information.

Woman using hair straighteners

Can You Take Hair Straighteners In Your Hand Luggage?

You can pack your flat iron hair straighteners in your hand luggage.  Battery and gas-powered hair straighteners are allowed in carry-on bags for going directly onto your cruise ship and on aircraft if you are flying into port.

Can You Bring  Hair Straighteners On in Checked Luggage?

Hair straighteners can be packed in your checked luggage when you embark on the cruise ship.

Although note, if you are flying into the port beforehand, flat irons are only allowed in your hand luggage.

Flat irons packed in checked luggage
Flat irons can be packed in checked luggage

Which Cruise Lines Allow Hair Straighteners?

While many cruise lines do not allow passengers to carry heat-producing items because they are a fire hazard,  most do allow hair straighteners as an exception.

Here is a list of the main cruise lines we have checked that currently allow hair straighteners on their ships:

  • Carnival Cruise
  • Celebrity Cruises
  • Disney Cruises
  • Holland America
  • MSC Cruise (?)
  • Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Princess Cruises
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises
  • Virgin Voyages

Can You Bring Hair Straighteners on Carnival Cruise?

On their list of items you are not allowed to bring, under “Exemptions and other considerations” they state:

“Personal grooming devices such as hair dryers, flat irons,….are allowed when used with proper caution.”

Carnival Cruise

They also warn that:

“if such devices are determined to pose a hazard, they will be removed and returned on debarkation morning”

For more info, see the full list of prohibited items here.

Can You Bring Hair Straighteners on Royal Caribbean Cruise?

Royal Caribbean cruises prohibit “items that produce heat or produce and open flame

However, they then go on to state:

“The only exception to this policy are curling irons and hair straighteners”

You can see the full list of prohibited items here.

woman frustrated straightening curly hair
Could you cope without hair straighteners?

Can You Bring Hair Straighteners on Celebrity Cruise?

Celebrity Cruises prohibit all items that produce heat however, as an exception, they specifically mention you can bring hair straighteners in their list of prohibited items.

The only exception to this policy are curling irons and hair straighteners.

Celebrity Cruise

You can see the full list here under what items are prohibited.

Can You Bring Flat Irons or Hair Straighteners on Disney Cruise?

When a passenger asked if they could take hair straighteners on Disney Magic, Disney confirmed here that:

“Flat irons or hair straighteners are permitted onboard”

They also remind customers that there is no plug in the bathroom so they can only be used in the desk and vanity area of the stateroom.

Can you Take Hair Straighteners on MSC Cruise?

Hair Straighteners on MSC Cruises? Allowed?
What is the MSC Cruises hair straighteners policy?

MSC Cruises do not allow hair straighteners onto their cruises ships. They specifically mention hair items in their forbidden luggage items:

“…confiscate any articles that the Company considers could risk the safety of the Guests, crew or ship (such as weapons, sharp objects, kettles, irons, hair irons, etc.)”

MSC Cruises

You can double check this information is still currently correct here, under Luggage and then Forbidden items.

However, numerous guests on MSC Cruises have reported that they have taken hair straighteners onboard and even received emails confirming that hair irons are an allowed item.

I can only point you to the official advice in the link above, but if in doubt, email MSC direct before you sail to check if you don’t receive any other form of confirmation. (Feel free to let us know in the comments).

Can You Bring Hair Straighteners on Norwegian Cruise Line?

The Norwegian cruise prohibited list is not very clear because while they state any item containing a heating element can not be brought on the ship, they do not state any exceptions.

However, on a further investigation as to whether you can take curling irons we found they were allowed.

We looked into it further and asked within some Norwegian cruise groups, and people confirmed they could take their hair straighteners and flat irons on NCL cruise ships without any problems.

Just don’t leave them on in your room as they will be confiscated if left.

Full-text top of the list of the Prohibited items here. Item 21 is where they mention heating elements.

Are Hair Straighteners Allowed on Viking Cruise?

Viking cruises are known for both their ocean and river cruises.

Their guidelines for hair straighteners are not very clear.  In their list of prohibited items, they state “Any electrical device that produces heat” and then list several items, including heat pads, clothes irons, kettles, etc.

However, although not a definitive answer, they do list “curling irons” page as an allowable item. 

We can only assume they will also allow hair straighteners and flat irons. 

Doing some extra research, we found no reports of any Viking Customers having their hair straighteners confiscated. Some people reported they had taken them onboard many times with no issues.

Can I Take Hair Straighteners on Virgin Voyages?

In answer to the question, “Can I bring electrical appliances with me i.e. hair dryer, flat iron, iron?” Virgin Voyages stated:

“Clothing irons are a no go on board, but if you need to bring flat iron for your hair, that’s ok.

The question was one of many answered on their help page.

How to Pack Your Flat Irons for Your Cruise

The first thing you should consider when packing your hair straightener or flat irons is that it has been allowed to cool down.

How to Pack a Warm Hair Straightener

If for whatever reason, you are in a rush to pack and your hair straighteners are still warm because you have had to use them quickly, there is a common item you can use that will help and stop any other items in your luggage from being damaged from even the slightest heat.

Whichever type of hair straightener or flat iron you are packing, make sure they can’t be accidentally activated in transit.

Pack your straighteners wrapped up in an oven glove.

Yes, the common kitchen oven glove will protect all the other items in your luggage.  It works for curling irons too.

Pack warm hair straighteners in an over glove
Pack warm flat irons wrapped in an over glove

Gas-Powered Hair Straighteners

If you have cordless gas-powered hair straighteners, put a safety cover over the heating elements.

Can you Take Hair Straighteners on a Plane?

If you have to take a flight on any part of your cruise, you might wonder if your hair straighteners will have to go in your checked luggage or if you can bring them on board as a carry-on.

All types of hair straighteners are allowed in carry-on bags for flights on any part of your travels.

Gas-powered flat irons or hair straighteners are not allowed in checked luggage but can be packed in your carry-on bags (TSA). 

You are only allowed one gas-powered item in your checked luggage, and you are not allowed to take spare gas cartridges onto the plane.

Will Your Hair Straighteners Work on a Cruise?

Staterooms have 110-volt outlets in the staterooms, the same voltage used in the United States.

This means that you will be able to use your hair straighteners without the need for a voltage converter.

Are Your Hair Straighteners At Risk of Getting Confiscated?

If your hair straighteners are in good working order, they should be fine to take on board.

If there is anything about them that raises suspicions about their safety, they may be flagged for a review by an electrician on board the ship who will assess them.

You are also advised to use these heated devices with proper care and caution.  If you leave them on in your room and a staff member spots them, they will likely be confiscated for posing a potential fire hazard.

Do Cruise Lines Provide Hair Straighteners?

Cruise lines do not provide hair straighteners to passengers on any of the main cruise lines.

We checked with Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Princess Cruises, and they do not provide them in any form.

Always Remember To Turn Your Hair Straighteners Off

It is important to remember that even if your hair straighteners are turned off, they can still pose a fire hazard.

If you are using them in your room, make sure that you unplug them and store them away safely before leaving your room or going to bed.

If you have young children in your room, that’s another reason to be extra careful to ensure they don’t come into contact with the irons if left on.

Using Hair Straighteners for Clothes

Another cruise hack we’ve encountered is using hair straighteners to remove wrinkles from clothes.

Simply take your hair straightener and run it over the item of clothing, starting at the top and working your way down.

This is a great way to remove wrinkles from shirts, pants, and skirts.

Be careful not to let the straighteners or flat irons get too hot as this risks damaging your clothes. 

Periodically switch them off while still using them and switch them back on again when they stop being as effective.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Hair Straighteners on a Cruise Ship?

Cruise lines do not provide hair straighteners and flat irons.

However, you can take your hair straighteners and flat irons on a cruise.


Bringing your hair straighteners on a cruise is the way to go. Not only do you not have to worry about whether they’ll be available, but you also know that they’ll work with the correct voltage.

Just be sure to take proper safety precautions and always remember to turn your hair straighteners off before leaving your room.

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