Can You Bring Delta 8 on a Cruise? (or Sneak)

It is federally legal to purchase, possess, and use Delta 8 THC in many places across the US, even though some individual states have decided to ban it.

However, does that mean you can take Delta 8 on a cruise ship or not?

Can You Bring Delta 8 on a Cruise?

Many potential cruise guests use Delta 8 for relaxation, a mild high, or for medical purposes in reducing anxiety, pain, and inflammation, amongst many other things.

It’s not surprising then that people who regularly use Delta 8 want to know if they can take onboard with them like you can take a vape on a cruise.

Can You Take Delta 8 on a Cruise Ship?

Although a less potent form of THC and used by many, unfortunately, Delta 8 is banned from being taken aboard any cruise ship.

Onboard a cruise ship Delta 8, is treated the same as any marijuana product and prohibited from being taken and used onboard.

When reading individual cruise line policies, you will not find any direct reference to Delta 8.

Delta 8 is essentially treated as an illegal substance in most, if not all, cruise line policies.  Even though it is considered less intoxicating, THC is not treated any differently.

This doesn’t stop some people from bringing weed on a cruise, including Delta 8 and trying to get away with smoking on the cruise ship. However, it’s essential to be aware of the potentially severe consequences of getting caught, including being kicked off the ship.

To give you an idea, here are the policies relevant to Delta 8 on some of the most prominent cruise lines.

Delta 8 pen

Carnival Cruise Delta 8

In their “What items am I not allowed to bring?” Carnival states (as seen in the quote below) under “Prohibited Items” that any CBD even including medical marijuana, are banned.  You can’t take them onboard let alone use them.

Any illegal narcotics/drugs including synthetic, designer drugs, Cannabidiol (CBD) and medical marijuana

From Carnival Cruise “Prohibited Items”.

Separately Carnival under “What is Carnival’s Tobacco and Marijuana Smoking Policy?”

Carnival recognizes that some state and local governments in the U.S., and in the destinations we visit, might allow marijuana use. However, Carnival Cruise Line follows U.S. federal law, which strictly prohibits possession and use of recreational/medicinal marijuana and other illegal controlled substances.

Carnival Cruise

Royal Caribbean Delta 8

Royal Caribbean have banned Delta 8 from being brought onboard its fleet of ships. No direct reference is made to Delta 8, instead, they just refer to marijuana being prohibited even for medical uses, so there are no exceptions.

In no event shall any Passenger bring on board the Vessel or check-in, or in connection with the Land Tour, any illegal controlled substances (including medical marijuana), fireworks, live animals (except under the terms of Section 13.e below), weapons, firearms, explosives or other hazardous materials, or any other items prohibited by applicable law or Carrier policy.

Royal Caribbean

They go on o clarify:

Marijuana possession and/or use, including medical marijuana, and possession or use of any illegal drugs, is strictly prohibited in many jurisdictions visited and on the Vessel at all times, as well as in terminals, during shore excursions or any other part of the cruise, regardless of any local, state, or other laws which might permit use or possession of marijuana.

Royal Caribbean

You can see the full context of the information here.

Delta 8 Cartridge

What Happens If You Are Caught With Delta 8?

Whichever cruise line you are sailing with, the most likely consequence of being caught with Delta 8 is that it would be permanently confiscated, and you would be given a warning.

However, even though Delta 8 is less potent, it doesn’t mean the ramifications of being caught with it will be any less lenient than similar more potent substances.

Depending on the circumstances and individual cruise lines, you could risk a $250- $500+ fine.  A similar punishment to if you were caught smoking cigarettes in your stateroom.

However, it’s worth noting that some guests caught buying or smoking marijuana during cruises have been fined much higher amounts, in the four figures range.

Carnival Cruise specifically states what might happen if you are caught in its “Tobacco and marijuana policy.”

Any violation of this policy will result in a $500 charge, per violation, posted on the guest’s Sail & Sign® account and may also result in the disembarkation of all guests in the stateroom.

Guests who are disembarked for violating our policy will be responsible for all financial charges and expenses to return home, and no refund of their unused cruise fare will be provided. Additionally, they may be prohibited from sailing with Carnival Cruise Line in the future.

Carnival Cruise.

Find the full text here under What is Carnival’s Tobacco and Marijuana Smoking Policy.

Royal Caribbean is equally stern and clear in its policy for those caught with “marijuana in any form”:

Passengers who bring on board dangerous items, marijuana in any form, or any illegal drugs or controlled substances are also subject to immediate disembarkation or denial of boarding. Passengers shall have no claim for refund, loss, damage, inconvenience, or compensation whatsoever under any of these circumstances.

If caught numerous times, you may risk being banned from booking future vacations with the cruise lines.

It’s worth noting punishments for being caught with weed you bring on a cruise ship can be considerably harsher than those for Delta 8, and may include, in addition to denial of boarding and disembarkation, potentially contacting local law enforcement and arrests.

In part, it may depend on the location as some foreign jurisdictions have stronger laws, and the cruise line may feel they need to inform the local authorities.

Is taking Delta 8 on a Cruise or Plane Legal?

Is Delta 8 Legal?

Much of the confusion as to whether Delta 8 can be taken onboard a cruise ship is from the wording of the cruise lines policies.  

For example, Carnival states they follow federal law, but Delta 8 is legal by federal law .  However, in other terms, the cruise line state they prohibit all CBD.

To be clear, currently, only hemp-derived delta 8 THC is legal

Depending on which ports of call you make, you will need to bear in mind the U.S states that have banned Delta 8 THC:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Delaware
  • Idaho
  • Iowa
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • New York
  • Rhode Island
  • Utah

Note: Delta 8 THC laws can be subject to change at any time, which is partly why we dedicated this page purely to this form and separate from other forms of weed.  Always do your own up-to-date research before making any decisions.

How to Sneak Delta 8 on Cruise Ship?

The two most inconspicuous ways to sneak Delta 8 on a cruise are to wither mix Delta 8 edible gummies in with well-known regular brand gummy sweets.  Or alternatively, take on small delta 8 cartridges, either mixed with standard vape cartridges or concealed amongst other smaller travel items.

There are many other methods people try, just like we covered in bringing and sneaking weed on a cruise.  

Delta 8 Gummies

Delta 8  edibles

Delta 8 Gummies are a common variation to take on a plane because many airlines do allow passengers to take Delta 8 on flights in their personal bags (not checked luggage) subject to departure and destination states.  

Even if the airlines allow it, they don’t always allow the forms in which it is most commonly used. For example, some don’t allow vapes or items with a specific type of batteries that might be used with a vape.

However, although there are discreet edible forms of Delta 8, they are still prohibited, and if discovered, you risk the same consequences.

Although it is more commonly thought security use cruise scanners to detect alcohol and weapons rather than relatively small amounts of Delta 8.

Can You Use Delta 8 in Ports?

In most countries, Delta 8 is considered illegal.  This is also the case in some US ports in states where it is banned.

If you would like to use any form of Delta 8 vape pens, oils or edibles, check the current laws for the location in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Can You Bring Delta 8 on a Plane?

You are allowed to bring legal, hemp-derived Delta 8 tinctures on a plane from airports in locations where Delta 8 is legal.   The only exceptions would be if the airline you are travelling with specifically prohibits Delta or related products.

You can take delta 8 on a plane via your checked luggage or carry-on bags, although TSA mandates say any liquid items over 3.4 ounces must go in checked bags.

You will also need to bear in mind the local or international laws of the location you are flying too as to whether you can take Delta 8 with you.

Can Drug Dogs Smell Delta 8? 

Drug dogs can be trained to smell and track Delta 8 as just one of many cannabis derivatives.

This doesn’t mean that the drug dogs you see in ports are trained to sniff out Delta 8 specifically.  

Drug dogs are typically used to sniff out harder drugs rather than marijuana derivatives, especially since the relaxed laws against marijuana in the US.

Is Delta 8 Legal on Cruise Ships?

Delta 8 is banned on all cruise ships.  It is treated like any other form of marijuana or CBS substance.   

Can You Bring Delta 8 On A Carnival Cruise?

Delta 8 is banned on all Carnival cruise ships, no matter where they are disembarking or stopping at ports of call, even if in states where it is legal.

Do People Take Delta 8 on Cruise Ships?

Some passengers do take Delta 8 onboard with them.  They find a way to take a Delta 8 vape pen, oil, or edible in their bags or even discreetly on their person.  

Whether it’s worth the risk if caught, as outlined above, is up to the individual.  Although worth bearing in mind, it can have repercussions for everyone staying in the same cabin.

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